ALEP Spoiler for Song of Hope!

After a long gap in published articles, I am very excited to announce that I have the privilege of spoiling one of the new cards coming out in the upcoming The Gap of Rohan Adventure Pack from A Long-extended Party! You can find the announcement article for this pack on the ALEP website here:

Before I get into the card, I would like to thank the team at ALeP for all their work and time spent on the game we all love. I am very excited for the opportunity to spoil a card.

Without further ado, let’s see the new card! It is a Spirit event, with a cost of zero:

I will go over the basics of what the ability does first, then I will look at some situations in which it really shines.

First, the card itself. A Stout Heart is a zero cost Spirit event that at its most basic cancels a shadow effect with no additional requirement other than the fact that the attack must have been left undefended. So without the second sentence, it is a cheaper, but conditional, Hasty Stroke. The second text is an optional kicker ability that is very powerful. There are very few zero cost cards in the game that can reduce your threat by three or more, and most of them have more taxing requirements to do so, like clearing a side quest, having an ally leave play, or getting a bunch of attachments on one location. This card only requires you to spend a resource from the hero who took damage from the undefended attack.

There are a few aspects of this card that may not be noticed on the first glance. One is that the attack must deal damage to be able to use the kicker, and it must be all dealt to one hero. This means this card cannot be used if you use the White Tower Watchman or the Barliman Butterbur ally to take the attack damage instead, or if you use cards like Vigilant Guard or Dori to siphon some of the damage away.

Taking undefended attacks is generally not a recommended strategy, but there comes a time in any game when there is that one round where you have one enemy too many engaged and taking an undefended attack is really the only option. There are also decks that use undefended attacks as a strategy, whether to gain action advantage, boost Gimli’s attack, or gain resources (as I will demonstrate in a moment). The emerging Bree archetype is also all about taking attacks undefended for profit, and taking them in a safe way. The scariest part of an undefended attack is the shadow card. With no shadow card, you know exactly how much damage the attack will do, and can plan accordingly. Having A Stout Heart in your back pocket is always going to be a good panic button.

The art on this card is amazing, as is the flavor text. I am looking forward to slotting it into several of my decks.

Here is a deck I built specifically around having Gloin take undefended attacks to gain massive amounts of resources and profit from it:

Thanks again to the ALeP team, and I look forward to many more great cards in the future!

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  1. I think this still works as worded with Vigilant Guard and Dori. The abilities referenced are responses. The first player can choose to resolve Stout Heart first to the triggering damage. Then Vigilant Guard or Dori can take it. Especially as Dori’s doesn’t trigger until after the damage is assigned.


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