Song of Hope Content on Other Sites

Besides the stories and articles here on my site, I have several articles published on other websites, along with other things that I participate in as well. This post contains links to all of these things, and will be updated as anything new is released.

A Long-Extended Party

Emissaries of the Eyrie – This narrative piece tells the tale of two Eagles and their experiences during some of the events of The Hobbit.

Gap of Rohan Release Article – This short article discusses the cards and scenario contained in the Gap of Rohan Adventure Pack.

Classic Learning Test

Tolkien and Allegory – A short look at Tolkien’s beliefs on allegory in literature and some of the themes of The Lord of the Rings.

Vision of the Palantir

A Storm on Cobas Haven Nightmare – An analysis of the nightmare mode of the fifth adventure pack of the Dream-chaser cycle.

The Fate of Wilderland – An analysis of the sixth adventure pack of the Ered Mithraism cycle.

Other Content

Bobbymcbobface Noteflight Profile – Here is my profile on Noteflight, the music composition website. Check it out to see several of my arrangements and some works in progress.

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  1. bobsmackbobface says:

    Card art is remarkable, could we be looking at a possible ALEP card?

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